Award Changes 1 November 2018

November 15, 2018

Effective 1 November 2018 the following award changes were implemented:


Termination Notice Change:

When an employee resigns they are still required to provide notice based on the period set out in the National Employment Standard (NES).  However, it used to be possible to deduct the full period of notice from the employee’s final payment if they failed to provide notice of their resignation.  This has now changed in the following ways:

1. A maximum of one week can be withheld, regardless of how many weeks of notice was required under the NES

2. The one week of notice can only be withheld from ‘wages’ meaning worked time.  It cannot be withheld from the leave pay- outs, etcetera.

3. The ability to withhold the one week only applies to adults, 18 years and older

This change affects businesses covered by the Hospitality Award, General Retail Award & Restaurant Industry Award.


Retail Industry: Penalty Rate Changes:

Effective the first full pay period after 1 November 2018 the following changes apply to the General Retail Award rates of pay:

1. Increase to Saturday rates for casual staff: an increase of 5% has been implemented for all Saturday hours worked.

2. Commencement of a 5% penalty rate for casual staff for work performed after 6pm on Monday through to Friday.  Previously the after 6pm penalty only applied to full-time and part-time staff.   


Please see the Fair Work website for further details.

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